I Cannot Connect to simBrief

Anyone else having trouble connecting to simbrief.

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Can’t connect either, looks like the site is down. Wait for a little while and hopefully it’ll come back.


Found this about why Simbrief maybe down, (Post from Simbrief’s Facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/pg/simbrief/posts/

Server outage:

Recently the server’s performance has degraded significantly, resulting in some slowdowns during peak periods. After a brief investigation it looks like there might be a cooling issue as the CPU has been running much hotter than normal leading to significant thermal throttling.

I’ve called my hosting company and they will be taking a look at the hardware (specifically the cooling) shortly. This will probably result in some downtime, but I’m not sure how much. If the problem is minor it might only take a few minutes, but if it’s something like a bad CPU it could take an hour or more.

Thanks for your patience, I’ll post an update when I know more.


Thank you for passing along that information.

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Others might be struggling with FPLtoIF.com has a thread been started on that?

If anyone is experiencing issues using FPLtoIF.com we can always direct them to this thread for more information about the issue with Simbrief.


Looks to be universal.

Checked fpltoif.com and flightaware.com in case of any other issues. Both look to be up and running.


Yeah they’ve taken the server offline to diagnose the issue with the CPU or something. They said it could be a few mins to an hour depending on the serverity of the problem. It’s been a little longer than the hour, just have to wait it out.

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Must be an issue on their end. So, not much IF can do, at least to my knowledge.

Nope, not IF’s problem :)

FPLtoIF site itself would be working yes… but one would not be able to build a flight plan because it contacts simbrief.

The only limitation is that you can only use Flightaware for your flight plans which is restrictive in itself.

This is correct. Perhaps try a FlightAware flight? Or go get a drink while SimBrief fixes their CPU.


Or using the airways from SkyVector or Navigraph works too 🤷‍♂️

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It’s back up for me

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Working for me too

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I can access the login page of Simbrief but nothing else at the moment. Login details are invaild due to ongoing maintenance. Message on the login page “maintenance is in progress, website will be back online shortly”.


Simbrief is back online 🙂


Back online, thanks everyone!