I can’t sign in

I’ve recently tried to sign in on multiple new devices. After I enter my username and password and click login, it says unknown error(I have checked my password)

What platform are you signing in from? Facebook or Google?

I’m signing in onto the IFC using my account

Is this an IF issue or IFC issue? This sounds like an issue with the forum.

Yes it is an issue when I try to sign in to the forum

Then move this to #meta as it isn’t an in app issue please

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Had same Problem recently. Password reset helped ☺

On the device that is having the issue, log out, clear your browser cache, then reboot the device. See if that helps.

Make sure you are accessing the HTTPS version of the forum (https://community.infiniteflight.com).

There is a non secure version still accessible that doesn’t let you log in.

It will show a little padlock like this

thanks, this resolved the issue(a mod can close this now)

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No problem. I would say mark it as the solution but this is a meta topic haha

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