I can’t see planes on live

Last time I played infinite flight was like 3 months ago and it worked perfectly, I stoped playing and started yesterday, I tried all 3 servers but no difference. My WiFi is lately not really fast but I play Fortnite on 60 ping.

How do I do that?

In my opinion try using 4G LTE (Mobile Data) this should help if it’s strong. As Mobile Data is usually stronger than WiFi

Ok I’ll try that! Thank you very much. I only get my 4g tmrw so I’ll try it tmrw! Thanks:)

You can test your speed here https://www.speedtest.net/result/9214661844

Not necessarily Jakub. That depends on many things such as hardware, service provider and the service being provided. I mentioned in a topic before that some users may be experiencing issues with their local network since many people are home streaming and using the internet so it overwhelms their equipment.

Yes, I am in Spain and we are in lockdown so I think that can be the issue;)


@Levet I think it also depends on the region you live in. My WiFi is very bad and IF never loaded on it, so I just bought 4G LTE and it loads 10x faster and better. But I think it also depends on the country, as every country have their limits

Think of it as a 4-lane Highway. Those four lanes can only handle so much traffic especially with people getting on and off the said highway. During normal work hours those 4-lanes are crammed with vehicles but driving down that same highway in the middle of the night is a breeze since there are very few people using it to get from Point A to Point B.

We also have a different regulation about Mobile Networks and Phones in the EU, so I think some regulations might be annoying. For example LTE highest frequency in Europe is 2800MHz and WiFi might be much lower

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Maybe the app needs a update idk

No I deleted it and re installed it

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