I can’t see planes on live

I have tried downloading all the planes and I still can’t see the planes, i can see their name rages but nothing else. Please help! Thank you

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Hello, how high is you aircraft count on IF?

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Hello, could you provide more details such as what do you have your aircraft count set to, how much storage do you have available on your device and how strong is your internet connection. This will allow us to better assist you. Thanks, Chris

In settings go to live and increase airplane count to wherever you feel comfortable. Very high is recommended if you want to see the most planes. Hope this helped you! ;)

It’s on max

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Make sure you have enough storage available for other aircraft to download. That could be what is preventing you from being able to download the aircraft which will make them visible. It would be best to free up some storage on your device then spawn into a busy airport to see if your situation improves.

Thank you, I tried doing that but it doesn’t work :(

Ok, thank you I’ll try :)

It’s on max

I freed all my storage from my phone but it still doesn’t help. I can only see very little planes like 3,4 out of 20 :(

Which device do you have?

iPhone XR …

Okay, I have an iPhone XR too. I can usually see between 9 to 11 aircraft at once but it all depends on my camera perspective in relation to their aircraft and myself.

Do you connect via cellular service or WiFi?

Maybe it could be your icloud storage?

I connect via WiFi

I’m not sure how iCloud storage would apply to device storage.

Your WIFI may be too slow to handle all of the planes?

I tried doing that too, I have 40 gb spare space

Has this always been an issue for you or is this something recent? Have you tried resetting your router and ensure that you have a strong WiFi signal. Internet connection should be strong and stable.

You can test your speed to see what it can handle.