I can’t rise in rank pls help me

Hi everyone. I have a problem I do anyway but I can to rise in Grade 3 why?
Pls help me🙏

You’re not grade 3 due to you exceeding the LV1 violations within the 7-day mark. You have 10, you can not exceed more than 5 to stay &/or get to grade 3.


Ohhh ok what I need to do for rise up?

Try your best not to get anymore LV1 violations, once the 7-days are up - you will become grade 3 (you meet all the other requirements other than the LV1 violations).

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You have to wait until they expire. Look at your violation history to see when that happens.

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If my last violation at 09/04/2022 how many day I need to wait?

Thank you man good day 👊

Ok thanks good day men

I think you will come to grade three after 7 days. In your case after 16th of April.

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How did u manage to get so many level 1 violations? Just make sure you keep your speed down during decent, the plane should warn you as well.

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Probably slept with VNAV on

Adapt quickly to your violation mistakes , practice on casual server more with air brakes and flaps on takeoff to perfect , this is the procedure i have done , dont exceed 260 kts

Try not to get too many violations. Violations affect your ability to progress in ranks so by being vigilant as to not getting violations, you’ll become a grade 3 pilot in no time.

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