I can’t renew my subscription

My subscription recently ran out on November the 1st so I purchased an ITunes card today so I could renew it. When I was trying to purchase the subscription it said I was already on one. So I tried to fly but yet it said no active subscription so I decided to see what was going on. But I can’t renew my subscription until November 11th. Idk what to do.

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I’m having the same problem except I can’t log in to renew mine. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but no luck

Are you trying to do it on the App Store or in the app?

I’m trying in the app but I can’t seem to log in.

Are you logged in with a google account?

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Yes I am. But since yesterday I haven’t been able to successfully get into it from the IF app

Not talking to you :)

Let’s help one person at a time and maybe by doing that, it will resolve the other. Since you created the topic @Treondre_Winslow, your first.

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It constantly says it can’t connect to the AppStore and that I already have a subscription.

It’s says you can’t purchase one until Nov 11th? If it’s just that then you might just have to wait until then :(

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Yeah that’s what it says

Well, you got 3 days, you will be able to purchase one then if that’s what it says

Same thing happened to me i signed out of my Apple signed back in then waited overnight and it worked;)

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