I can’t play on iPhone X

Pls help!!!
I pay already

Hey there! Welcome to the Forum. More information is a necessity for solving your problem. Could you describe the issue?

Edit: Seems it may be an Infinite Flight Pro issue from what I maybe seeing… Try logging in again or hit restore purchases. Hope this helps!

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I can’t enter game. It has to load but it is not accessible

You need to be a bit more specific. Is it the loading screen it gets stuck on once you’ve picked airport & aircraft and then press “Fly!”? Or is it the first screen with the Infinite Flight logo?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
If this doesn’t work try some solutions from these topics linked below.

Hello, Thanks for contacting support. Have you tried:

Restarting the app?
Restarting your phone?
Delete and reinstall Infinite Flight?
If you haven’t, please do so and then report back here.


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