I can’t move the aircraft with the yoke or rudder while on the runway. It won’t let me change course

While i’m on the runway the aircraft cannot be moved using tilt or anything like that. I can’t keep it on the centerline. It moves straight forward off the centerline until take off. The same thing happens during landing. What can be done to fix this?

Hi there. Make sure you don’t have heading armed. Shown as HDG above the AP button. Also, make sure you Calibrate your device before taxiing. You can go into the in app settings to check your pitch and roll axis. If they aren’t functioning you can reset them and recalibrate.


I actually have the same issue

It is possible that you guys don’t have Auto-Coordination on which basically couple the Ailerons and rudder together only on the ground.

Also side note The rudder was previously updated in the last update so at high speeds the rudder is less effective making it so you have to put more force to reflect realism :) you get more and more control of the rudder as you slow down

His title says “I cannot move the aircraft with my yoke or rudder” ;)

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No its not related to heading armed. I have the same issue. The heading autopilot only controls the aelerons and not rudder. You should be able to move with the rudder. You can try that on the taxi way with heading armed. And you can stil Stear the aircraft using rudder. The only difference you’ll see is if you have yoke in status bar it’ll move way on the other direction to control heading, but that won’t affect as airspeed is too low for aelerons to have effect.
What happens is as you start rolling down the runway and as you gain airspeed you need to put a lot more rudder input to move the aircraft. Most real airliner do these by changing rudder sensitivity with airspeed. But In infinite flight you have to manually put more input. Best thing to do is don’t start rolling down untill you are on the centre line. You can correct this by stopping at the start of runway. Release brake and put about 30 % N1 and use rudder. Your airplane will only move left or right in that position and not move forward. While landing land as close to centre line and align with centre line once bellow 100knt.
Or you can simply set rudder sensitivity to max. And it should work just fine. But then your aircraft will do drift like asphalt on runway if there’s any wrong input.

The faster you go the harder it is to move the rudder on the runway. I suggest lining up the aircraft with the centerline. If you need to slightly adjust go slow and adjust.


Ive noticed this problem when landing. Wehen im off the centre line and runway heading it wont let me steer until im below a certain speed causing me to edge the runway until i can steer and correct my course.