I can’t move my plane

I was taxiing and then I stopped moving my breaks are not engaged I have full throttle but I am not moving

restart infinite flight

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I was on training server acting as a ground support vehicle and I stopped for a moment and couldn’t move it has never happened before. I have also closed all the other open apps I don’t need open again

go out of IF, clear it from the background, and go back into IF

It worked I am taxiing again

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Just for the record. Are you aware of the second brake option on the rudder?

You may or may not have slid your thumb down when steering, applying the brake. If you do this and open a menu or something, it maintains the brake until you tap the screen elsewhere.

Yep I wasn’t pressing that ether

Do you have a replay?

No I don’t know how to send replays

Watch the replay or take a screenshot.

Ok I’ll do it later

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Thank you for the link to the tutorial I will look at it right away

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