I can’t login in the forum by Mac

As tittle said,I cannot logging into the forum by Mac,every time I tried to,a window with “create new account pop up,when i go to log in window,I click on with google
But nothing happens and comes back to Create new account window.
I can login by iPhone and iPad.


Which web browser are you using? Try a different one.

Edit: not which search engine… I meant like chrome, safari, etc.

@MarcelloM Suggest moving this to #meta :).


I’m on a Mac using safari and it’s perfectly fine, perhaps try google chrome if you for some odd reason have it installed on your device.

Do you have your cookies enabled?
I don’t know if this will do anything, but sometimes some links and actions require cookies.

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How old is the device and what version is it in. This will help us determine a solution. Thank you!

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As you still experiencing the issues?

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