I can’t hear the engines in the A330 and the 777

Hello everyone! I’m having a problem hearing the engines in the A330, A330neo, and the triple-7 series. I have my SFX volume to max, and I’ve restarted my device numerous times. Does anyone have a solution?


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What device are you currently using?

As @Declan_O asked, which device? Is it Apple, Android or something else? Can you hear other sounds such as flap deployment or ATC traffic?

I figured it out, miraculously!

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What was it? Just curious.

I had some-sort of SFX problem, unbeknownst by me. This couldn’t be solved in the app itself, so I had to reinstall the app. It’s sounding fine now-or the lack thereof.

Oh ok, that is odd. Thanks for the response.