I can’t hear anything

When I go to log in a plan my flight I can’t hear anything I uninstalled the game and re download it that didn’t work and I restarted my iPad

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What device are using? This might sound stupid but are you sure you haven’t muted your device on accident?

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If you use earbuds it works.

That’s not a solution.



The issue you’re most likely experiencing would be due to the device being muted.
On iPads, this is controlled from the Control Center.

Swipe down from the top right to bring it down. There you’ll most probably find a red, highlighted bell. Tap it to unmute :)

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Worked for me once.

It will always work if the device is muted. You’re missing the point ;)

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it wasnt i broke the speakers im not that dull :)

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@schyllberg whats your beef?

It’s not a solution.

It works for me and a few other people, so it is.

The OP is asking why she can’t hear any sound from her device while using the app.

Using EarBuds will not resolve that issue. It will just redirect the sound that should be coming from her device speakers. Not providing sound through the speakers.

If you don’t intend to provide any actual solutions and just instead providing inadequate workarounds for the original problem, I would strongly advise you to mute #support so people who will can do that instead :)

No beef at all.


That may be true. But the reply is a reasonable dialogue step.

I have encountered this problem a few times now since about a week. No sound. I’m using Ipad and pods. I have to restart a few times and so need to start all over with my settings. Checking sound is now on top of my check list. However sometimes it starts all well and a few moments later there is no sound. The problem seems to occur when I copy my flight plan from Dropbox to IF.

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