I can’t get to grade 2; I have all green except for one help me out

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Hi there!

You need to have more landings in order to get to grade 2. Do some pattern work and get a few more landings (9 to be precise), and you should be good. Also, please change the topic category to #live

What do you mean when u say more pattern work ?

It means staying in the (traffic) pattern at your airport to get large amount of landings in a short time period. Those extra landings (with no more violations) will get you Grade 2 status


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You need more then a 50/50 ratio of landings and violations :)

another good trick is to go where there are billions of airports within 50NM and just hop from one airport to another (touch and goes). This will increase your landings!

Actually a 1:1 ratio

Like KOAK-KSFO-Airports In SF

I mean, if there are 10 airports within close distance, hopping will do the job.

Hey! I attached a piece by one of the community mods about this so you can read more.

You’re looking at the grade table, and yes, the line in orange — about “violations/landings” — is what’s holding you back. What that column is, is a number that represents how many violations you’ve received as compared to how many landings you’ve received over the last year. You want this number to be as small as possible (fee violations, many landings).

Right now, you have about 1.33 violations for every landing, which is high, but not something to worry about. In addition to the grade table piece, I’ve attached tutorials on what it means to be “remaining in the pattern” as well as what violations are. Enjoy!

Reading the NEW grade table

How to fly a (visual) pattern (Note: this goes in depth about how to fly with Air Traffic Control present. You can flythese at a field with no ATC, just use Unicom and watch out for other planes!)

Violations (This is about violation removal. The most important part right now is the image in the main post that outlines what violations are.)


Ahhhhh I have been doing longer overseas flights thinking that’s better…thanks y’all; I’m just getting started with this ! Thanks for your help !🙌🏽🙌🏽

Thanks a lot !!! I’m just getting started with this ! Appreciate you all’s help 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


I see you just joined this forum. Welcome! 😊🌷
Apart from flying an aircraft, there’s a lot to learn and know on IF, which will become more important as you become a Grade 2 and are allowed to fly on Training Server. On Training server some airports have live air traffic controllers and it’s important you follow their instructions.

This forum, belongs to IF, just like a tail belongs to a dog.
So I suggest you hang around here lot and become part of the world that is called InfiniteFlight. Start here, at the beginners guide.

Have a browse through the #tutorials and search for topics on this forum you want to learn about.

IF has a really good training video series on YouTube. Check out via this link.

Have fun!

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