I can’t get onto the Expert Server [FIXED]

Hi everyone.

I was doing some flights earlier today, and left my game, as I had do to other tasks. When I came back on to start a new flight, this came up on my screen, even though I’m grade 3, and have all the requirements to be on the expert server?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Jackimage image image

Looks like your violation to landing ratio is just a little short. I suggest you a few touch and goes on Casual and give it another shot on Expert.

I cant read the screenshot very well, but are you meeting the overall landing requirements and did you make enough landing in the past 90 days?

Last but not least, did you watch the tutorials, to make sure you know all the rules and regulations to be a good pilot on Expert?


I’ve soeted it now, but thanks for the help.

What was the issue, do you know?

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Needed 1 more landing. Has to be under a .50 ratio.