I can’t get back to grade 3

I’ve been banned demoted to grade 2, and now I have now reached the standards to get back to grade 3, and it is still putting me in grade 2, what do I do

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Start a flight on the Training Server and leave immediatly. It should work:)

If that doesn’t work - send a screenshot of your entire grade table.

If you recieved a lvl 3 vio , then it will stay for exact 7 days from the date of the violation issued. Once that 7 day period is over ,do a short flight on TS to refresh your stats and you’ll back to Grade 3.

Have you received more than 4 level 3 violations in a year?

No I have only had one, I actually got back to grade 3 yesterday morning so I’m okay now, thank you for answering anyway


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