I can’t fly

I have had problems with the plane’s flight controls since the last update, they don’t work, I can’t do anything, an improvement was updated from the last update and it’s still the same; How can I explain that it is not logical that with airplanes that have been updated more often the flight controls do not work properly and they go so slowly that you cannot fly and airplanes that have not been updated work normally?


We did ask for more information here but you never got back to us;

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What I mentioned before, the controls are very slow and sometimes it doesn’t work.

how the controls can be slow?

If when you turn right, left or up and down, the airplane’s rudder and ailerons move very slowly even though I am necessarily pulling up or down; the order I give is executed very slowly

Hello! Please check if your control sensitivity settings are on low, if that’s the case, set it on normal or high.

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