I can’t fly (stuck on loading screen)

The severs are over loaded dont worry about that

I’m back in!!!

Just worked for me I finally have my account back. :)

It’s all good now on my device

Never mind it’s working and I got the update, Now it’s time to grind those 6 landings for Grade 3

It ridiculous that all the money people pay there servers can handle everyone at the same time. Shocking. I have just been on line then up day as my landing was not getting recorded and now can’t get on. Get this sorted out

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Im relaxed, and I have no problem waiting. I’m just exposing my problem.

Just successfully spawned into SFO on expert server

Yeah I’m finally in solo flight

didn’t work for me

Hi Wayne, we’ve just released a new update which brings a sudden rise in users trying new features at the same time. We’re working on increasing our capacity for this short-term increase. Thanks so much for your patience

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Hey fixed, it;s fixed!

not for me yet

I just got it.I can see that the server is having a hard time.

This is so epic
There’s different pilots

Still no update though…

What!? I didn’t;t get it Sad noises

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thanks if this is rly cool

i got the update but…

Guys, your spoiling it for me, please stop with the pics of the 777!

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