I can’t fly (stuck on loading screen)

It took a bit to sign in but the minute i hit the fly button it crashes

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Same here.

i can’t get past the connecting screen in the menu

Can you not scale it up more then…

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Does delete and re install help get in?

Me too,but let’s be patient we’ll forget about this when it starts working and we fly the B772

I got into my account, then it said I had no subscription, then it crashed.

We’re posting updates to the issue here:

I’m kinda desperate after waiting for so long finally getting it then wait for longer

Thought it loaded,asked me about a subscription then it crashed

When I enter to Infinite Flight, my account is logged out, btw it says my name but, when i want to fly, even on solo, it says I need to log in for flying Pro planes. I do click in my account to log in but the app kicks me out.


it’s working guys

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I’m actually in solo flight and choosing my plane, I’m nervous if it will cradh

Everyone relax. We’ve waited a year for this update. You can wait a couple more hours.

Thank you so much

I’m scared to lose my account, because it said in not signed in, and need a pro sub-

Still connecting for me

I can login now

Apparently i have no active sub.

Surprised this has happen considering it didnt happen with the A350