I can’t fly (stuck on loading screen)

I still can’t log in
It says error code 2

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Then u lose all of the replays and other stuff

I do have the login screen, but still can’t login.

While this isn’t the correct topic to talk about this, they have been merged, yes.

You can see the full release notes on the blog. :)

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I also had to make that sacrifice

Kinda sucks that you cant fly solo without a network connection

Well it does for me

Same here it’s tragic

It was working now it is not

Is it working yet coz i wanna fly…

I have a suggestion:
Guys, please calm down and wait !
I’m not able to fly, too due to connecting failures. Just sit back write a book, watch a YT video, listen to some music and jusft chill :)

Thanks !

this is my issue…

I still can’t log in :/

I’m able to log in

They just posted on insta story, they’re currently scaling up the servers.

It kinda sucks that after waiting 2 hours for the update we have to wait another 4 hours or something like that to actually get on


This is wired it never logged in but it’s showing my name on the corner instead of my callsign

It works for me but it’s slow

Patience is key! :)

You’ll get on and will be able to enjoy it eventually.

Same it taking a while to actually sign me in