I can’t fly (stuck on loading screen)

A dev said it can come in a next few mins so we gottta wait

Solo requires use of the servers too.

Look, I’m just scared with my subscription, but I’ll just try n get it off my mind…

If you can, please send the replay of the flight to support@infiniteflight.com (ask for Cameron) and I can take a look at why the landings weren’t recorded. Thanks!

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Your subscription is safe, it’s not loading from our server right now, we’re pushing a fix as quickly as we can

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If you have a subscription, it’s safe.

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yes it let me log in and im gonna fly the 777

nope… still nothing

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I’m getting lagged off, why is this?

On-going server issues. Just be patient and everything will be back up and running as it should be shortly.

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It just worked then the app crashed

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Im just gonna wait till tomorrow to look at it properly, I’m just gonna wait it out.


Take a nap or go out on a walk, come back and it’ll be solved. Patience is a virtue, my fellow pilots.

I’ve been waiting 5 mins for IF to load but all I get is this and my WiFi is very fast 45 MB per second

Patience, patience, patience.

I freaked out at first. Are you sure that I haven’t lost my global sub?

You won’t lose your sub. Don’t worry.

All subscriptions are safe.

I can get into the game, but it just says that I don’t have an global account. Is that the same for you?

I can’t event get into solo mode!