I can’t find the username of the controller who ghosted me

Hello IFC! I just got ghosted by a controller at VHHH after departing from 07R. I’m trying to message the controller but can’t find their username on IFC. Could anyone help?

Also here are the details of the ghosting and the message i would’ve sent.
“ Hello! I was Eva 313 heavy and i was departing VHHH 07R. Where you instructed me to turn to 120 and climb to 3000. I then asked for flight following to Beijing. Then you issued a message telling me to follow instructions. I began trying to level off at 3000’ and began my turn to 120°. I even sent an “i’m sorry” message. But before i knew it i got ghosted. If i did make a mistake i apologise but i would like to know why so i don’t repeat it. Thanks!”

@Guxk it is!

I believe your controller was @Guxk. Send them a PM! ;)

Thank you!!!

I’ll pm you.

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