I can’t find the category

Hello, I want to post some pics in spotting and real life aviation but I can’t select the categories for some reason even if I search it


Given it’s a subcategory to #real-world-aviation, the same trust level requirements apply;

Unfortunately you’re not quite there yet.


Oh I’m trust level 1? I thought I’m above that

You’re TL1 “Basic user” right now.

Is there anyway that I can get promoted to TL2? Again

It’s an automatic process. We don’t promote anyone to TL2 manually. Everyone has to go through the same.

Yeah I know I meant what do I do to get to TL2, any ways that can help me thru? Any topics explained it?

Now I’m trust level 2 thank you😂

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I didn’t do anything :)

It’s often like this. People who’ve been around for a while that haven’t been promoted. Then when they ask, the system automatically takes care of it.

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Oh I see then, thank you for your help anyways