I can’t find my controller (Found)

Hello IFC. I was on the FNF. I need to discuss something with the Tower controller. I cant find him. I have searched but I cant find him. I was not ghosted it’s about something else. And If someone could link me up with the topic with all the IFATC names on it. Thanks.

The controller



Maybe @Jamie_Ye? I think that’s who it is.

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Find your controller here, then contact them. ;D

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Not on there. I just checked.

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Worth a shot

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It’s not @Jamie_Ye.

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I just found out over PM with him

I told the correct controller to contact you.

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Why did you not just link his IFC name here?

I honestly don’t know his forum name so went through another way.

Btw, you did not need to do that.
@Jamie_Ye did it for me

I’ve sent a message this is me

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