I can’t find DHL web site and I cant apply @closed

Ever time I want to apply it brings me to this

And when I try to go to there web site it brings me to the same pic at the top.

I don’t even think DHLVA is even active… if so I’d be pleasantly surprised.

Are you referring to a VA’s website? Please provide some clarification about the specific site you’re trying to access and why.

Yes the VA’s web site


Yeah, I tried to access the website included in the last DHL topic and it looks to be down. Not a problem on your end.

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According to the IFVARB database , there is currently no active DHL VA. There was one in the past, but they are no longer active or approved. This may be a contributing reason why the website is inaccessible.

Ok thanks! Then

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That’s the old website 🙃

The older VA isn’t active


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