I can’t find anything about what I did wrong

I was at Hong Kong earlier today, and when I took off I contacted approach,(there was no departure), and said that I was flying VFR, I received a check forum… you know how it goes. I looked at a lot of ATC stuf, and can’t find anything to say that I did something wrong. I did not catch the ATCs name (my mom called me down for dinner like as this was happening), and was wondering if anyone may be able to enlighten me as to if there were other steps to be taken, or ruels to follow…
Thanks, KPIT🙃

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Well, it’s pretty hard for us to figure out what you did wrong as you haven’t really provided that much details.

What was your intentions? What aircraft did you fly?


Oh yes sorry, 747, and I was just going to fly with departing traffic, and take some photos of the new livery once I was out of the way, I showed this in my FPL with one line coming out of the departure aeria, and that was it… simply requested to fly VFR on the approach frequency…

I suggest you have a read at this. Only GA aircrafts do VFR.

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It was either Gary or Jose

Oh, that makes sense, what then would be the procedure for a large aircraft like a 74 to fly in no particular pattern?

In this case request flight following will be a better call because you’re not flying VFR. You’re in IFR conditions in the 747-8

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Didn’t you have an FPL?

He stated he had one, he should’ve requested flight following probably.

But does flight following not give you the option to go to a destination, or VFR

Yeah then check in or request flight following. Also thanks for dealing with the delays earlier people.


That’s true, I forgot the going to a certain destination part of requesting FF. In this case use the check in function

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You were told to check the help pages because you’re in a 747-8. With a single waypoint flight plan right off the cone. Contacting approach on departure just to tell me your flying VFR.

  1. Tower didn’t hand you off to me so why did you contact approach on departure.

  2. Why on earth do you not a have a flight plan filed prior to leaving the gate. Let a lone departing.

  3. You’re in a commercial aircraft more then likely going to ask me to climb to FL360 as the next request.

Please make flight plans, and just check in with them it makes it easier for everyone

P.S. yes I was your controller, and thanks for asking.


@Brandon_Sandstrom first off Sorry, I was confused myself in part of that situation, and admit that looking into it would have been the better option, in the situation I was planing to go out of the Approach/departure aria, and the ATIS said FPL required for pushing back, since I was unsure where I wanted to land, or where I wanted to go I set a vague FPL, my mistake, I thought that after tower cleared you to change frequency you always went to Approach/Departure…
Again sorry my mistake, but thanks for clarifying…🙃


No problem that’s why we give the check forum command so hopefully you will come here, and learn. If you have any questions feel free to PM anytime.


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