I can’t export replays

Hey community, I wanted to export a replay to files but I can’t find it on my photos app. I’m using an iPad by the way.

So I exported a replay to files and where does it go?

You can try to export it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com. That is what I use.

How do I export it there?

It’s not on my files for me to export

So this topic is a bit old but take a look.

It doesn’t appear on my files for me to upload. I read it and still doesn’t work

Ok. Can you send a picture? This is so I know what you are seeing.

I press that and select which file and it doesn’t appear

Curious. So just to make sure you are on a iOS device right?

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It’s in the Files app, not your Photos app. If you don’t see that, redownload it from your App Store (it’s a built-in app for most).

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It’s ok now guys, thanks for your help. I thought it was on photos app but I found out it was on files. Someone can close it :)

Your welcome. @Thunderbolt is the one who realized it was the files app. And I flagged this for closure for you.