I can’t enter my account on another device!

I have been trying to log in to my account on a different device but it says this.

I don’t know what it mean can someone help pls.

Hello @Ariolegend,

When you receive this error message (Error Code 1), it means that the account you’re trying to sign in with hasn’t been used with the app before.

To solve this issue, your account will need to be connected to your Infinite Flight Community profile to enable you to sign-in using that specific sign-in method.

Let us know if linking your community profile in-app solves the issue or if you require any further assistance.

In addition, I would recommend checking out Cameron’s reply regarding a user experiencing the same issue in a previous Support topic which is linked below:

Both devices are mine I’m trying to connect my tablet acount to my phone cause my tablet does not have pro.

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