I can’t edit my post

Quick run down I’m using an iPhone 6 and my post is the Caribbean jet off I need to edit it for gate placements could someone help

I can edit this post though


When was the post uploaded/last updated?

And can you link it here please?

I think he is talking about this post:

I think there is a time limit. After some months, you cant edit it. Not so sure tho. My suggestion is to discuss it with a moderator. He might be able to make it a wiki and if you still cant edit it, ask a regular to do it for you.


Your post is most likely too old to be edited.

As a result, you can flag that topic to be closed and create a new topic for the event.

I made it a Wiki so a Regular can help you out now like @Thomas_G stated. You should summons him for the help with editing now ;)


The time that you have to edit your post is and correct me if I am wrong, 90 days. After that, only TL3’s and above can do it. :)

I’m not sure that does make sense

What do you mean???

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What ur saying I think could be correct

Have a regular edit it with what you need updated. It’s a wiki 😉

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