I can’t connect my joystick to IF

Hello! I’ve got a joystick for Christmas and I wanted to connect it to Infinite Flight. I have installed Live Flight Connect to my Microsoft PC. I have enabled the “Infinite Flight Connect” option in the settings of the simulator, and my PC and my iPad (which I use for Infinite Flight) are in the same internet connection. However, the Live Flight Connect app doesn’t pick up my device… Can please someone help me?

LiveFlight Connect is unfortunately no longer supported, I recommend using MapFlight instead :)


It happened to me once. I had perfect internet. I tried again the next day and it connected tho. Maybe just restart and stuff

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Hello! Thanks for the fast reply! I searched “MapFlight” in Google but I don’t find it… If you can, it would be way more useful to send a picture of the app or the website… Thanks for helping me!

Here you are!

Map Connect won’t work… It’s unstable and not guaranteed to work

Yep doesn’t work for me too

First question, what joystick are you using? And what device do you use for flying.

Hello! I am using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and I use an iPad 6th generation for Infinite Flight…

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