I can’t buy the pro feature

It doesn’t show any of the prices, and when I click on it, it just crashes my game. Can someone please help me?

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Hi Welcome to the forum!

Would suggest that you try deleting the app and then downloading it again. This might resolve the issue.

Good luck and happy landings.


That like 10th step, not first step.

Make sure you have a strong connection, and make sure allow in-app purchase.


Start by


After that, double check that you have a google account. If you do, sign in to IF with it, if not, try a Facebook account. If you have neither, make a google account. If all of those fail,

If that doesn’t work either try resetting your router and make sure that you have an Apple ID signed in to the app store, which you likely do, considering that you bought IF. If all else fails, contact a moderator.


Would suggest that you try Change the connection from wifi to cellular .
This might resolve the issue.

Good luck 👍

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I’d also suggest that people start by asking the important questions, such as ;
• Which device are you using?
• Is both your device and app updated to their respective latest versions?
• What kind of wireless connection are you using? Is it stable?
• Is your device modified or rooted in any way?
• What steps have you already taken to resolve this issue?

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Most common solution in this type of situation is to update Infinite Flight to the latest version.


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