I can’t buy a pro subscription

Hey, every time I want to buy a pro subscription it says :

I’m on a ipad pro 10 1th edition.
It is realy weird but I only get that. Should it be the reason because there is no money on my apple ID account?

Is this a known problem… how can I fix this?


To start with, what device model are you using?
It’s included in the category template to be filled, not deleted :)

Additionally - are you receiving any additional error message prior to this one?

I changed it ;)

Thank you!
On your device;

Go to Settings → Screen time → Content & Privacy Restrictions and possibly also iTunes & App Store restrictions. Is anything turned on there?

Funny. I added some money om my apple account and it works now :). It was just the problem that I didn’t add a bank account or any money.

Thank you!

Well, having funds is somewhat a requirement ;)
But there should have been an error from App Store prior to you receiving the shown error. Odd.

Glad it’s solved either way!