I can’t be atc on expert server

Hi community, I was choosing a place to control atc but then I saw it says no ATC on expert server. Why?

To be an ATC on expert, you need to be IFATC. Train your skills on Training, and once you feel you’re ready, start your recruiting process

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Do I need discord to be part of IFATC

Adding on to Alexander’s post above, a great thing to do is to create a ATC Tracking Thread, so people can know when and where you are opening up ATC on the Training Server for your own ATC Training, that way users from the community can hop over there, do patterns and fly in and out of the airport to see how well you’re doing and give you feedback on your ATCing.

It’s also a great way to train with pilots whom are from the community so that you can easily contact them, they can contact you and discuss your ATC progress. Many times even IFATC themselves can drop by and give you real professional advice and tips on your ATCing.

The link below is a guide to how to create a tracking thread for your ATC training.

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Yes, as it is the communication platform used by IFATC

Yes you do need discord

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Nice to see another Aussie wanting to be IFATC!! Pm me if you need any help.

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