I can’t add a topic in #Features

Hello! I wanted to add a topic about adding A330-300 liveries like, Philippine Airlines, and the airbus 330-300 Cebu Pacific old and new livery. And also can I request for a A350 Philippine Airlines livery? But the thing is I can’t add a topic can someone help?
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Sorry m8 but I believe you have to be TL2 (or member, if you will)

You’re currently TL1 (basic)

Keep reading, liking and visiting and you’ll be there in no time!


It’s because you aren’t TL2. Keep liking and posting and you will be there in no time!


As others have said, you’re not a high enough tier level yet. Find more about that here:

Even if you did have a tier high enough you wouldn’t be able to post those because they already exist.

You can vote for them here:


I can add it for you :)

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@Samu Okay thanks!

I don’t believe you are at the needed trust level either.

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I have a different account

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Multiple accounts are not allowed on the IFC.


Yeah being in that situation can result in serious consequences…


The other account is my brothers, however I use it more than him.

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Amazing that this topic got as far as it did. Is the flagging function busted?

@Luke_Sta & @AndrewRG10: You both have been around for a decent amount of time. You know how this forum runs, help us out and flag the topic so that we can see that it needs attention.

@Liam_Roldan: Read AndrewRG10’s reply please. Vote on the topics that AndrewRG10 linked you and wait until you meet the required trust level.

@Samu How grand! Duplicate accounts. I’ll be messaging you to get that sorted out.

Goodness gracious. 😫