I can see an unlisted topic

If you replied or had anything to do with that topic, you can find it in your Activity page when you click on your profile ;)

For example:



I know but I posted nothing. I’ve just seen this topic right now in the morning and I was sleeping when this topic was created, closed and unlisted.


Were you tagged in it?

How did you even find it in the first place?

Hmmm. Strange. Can you see the post in your Activity tab in your profile?

Btw, instead of cheating the system to meet the 20 characters requirement, simply add more substance, for example, “No, I wasn’t. Interesting to see this happening…” As long as it’s not technically cheating the system, the you are alright.

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I found the topic in the home page.


No I can’t see this topic in the activity tab in my profil page.

Also before anyone asks me this: I didn’t hack the forum (and I don’t know how to write a single line of code).

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Lol. Why would someone hack the forum just to see unlisted topics. What are they? Low self esteemed hackers xD?
“Today, unlisted topics on a game forum. Tomorrow, the United States”


Very, very strange. Maybe ask @oblakeerickson about it as he is Discourse staff. Before you do, try refreshing your page.

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He’s talking about the topic below. Everyone should be able to see it. :)

I believe there are two possible reasons:

  • This is an issue with Discourse.
  • Another moderator has listed it back and unlisted his own message.

Ah yeah, it was down the bottom of my page so I didn’t notice it.

Yes it is this topic, but why a mod would have listed back a topic and unlist his own message?

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I can see it too, without replying the topic.
It was just in the list.

Yea it’s on mine too Tyler broke it 😂

I can see it too don’t worry… @Tyler_Shelton probably was messing around.

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I believe this isnt the first time that a Moderator unlisted a topic but we can still see it. I believe its a bug on Discourse. Maybe someone can confirm it?


Please, try your very best to disregard using terms such as “fillers” on the official [Infinite Flight Community] (https://community.infiniteflight.com/) in its entirety.


I think that is normal, If you are on the topic or you made it you will be able to see it:-)


Well, my bad I guess xD


I saw it too. It was unlisted, when I saw it, 2 hours ago (from the time I saw it)