I can only be obs and not Control ATC - HELP

I can only be obs and not Control ATC - HELP

If you are an observer. Someone beat you to the frequency. Go back later to see if the frequency is open :)


If you mean on the expert server, you need to go through a test first. Read this to get you started. :) ATC Recruiting

Otherwise, as Nick said - someone beat you to it.

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There is clearly a serious issue with the TS1 so I think you should better not control it. If you mean expert, the above post explained. For TS1, I first thought I was being obs because I have to wait for a long time but later I found out it was actually a problem with the TS1, it took me few minutes to get online and control while the command doesn’t deliver properly. I don’t know if it is still an issue now.

Yeah TS1 is playing up. It breaks my heart hahahha.

Cheers for all the advice.


The TS1 has issues, so you are right. The devs are doing their best to fix the issue right now.

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