I Can Not Login

Sorry for my English.

Hello there. I’ve been playing infinite flight for a while now. I had no membership to date. I’m in the game to subscribe today. I made payment using Google Play Store. Payment was successful. But I can’t play online. When I want to be logged in “No account associated with this error” is happening. Help me feel like my money is gone.

Don’t worry! Your money isn’t gone.

Restart your device and ensure that you are logging in using the correct credentials of the registered account

Thanks for help.
I did before Phone restart and reinstall the application. But not solved problem. I’m sure correct credentials of the registered account.
Again sorry for my English.

Can you send a screenshot of the message that is being displayed to you?

Also, what device are you running Infinite Flight on?

There is something to add. I do not have an account before. I was just flying solo on the restricted map. Click on fly online today and I made a direct payment from there. I am trying to login with gmail, which is now connected to my Play Store account.

maybe you login with wrong account

Please select “I already have a subscription” when receiving the error message to see if that solves the problem. Which it usually does solve it.

First you may need to logout of the one that you are currently in and relog-in

When I logged in again after a while, I saw that the problem was solved by itself. Automatically logged in. I can currently Login. Thank you so much.

Glad the issue got resolved!