I can not login to IF

I click log in, and go to select your account. Once I’ve selected and clicked on enable, it appears on a Google tab, but does not open the game as logged in! returning to the game, the following message appears: login failed. can you help me?


We’re aware of this minor annoyance and should have a fix for it in the next update.

In the mean time - restarting the device have solved it for some, while some have had to download Google Chrome from Play Store, set it as default browser and try again. Try restart first. If it doesn’t help, try the Chrome procedure.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

okay! Anything I contact again! thank you

Hi there,
I think you can also try to disable Chrome and reenabling it again in the settings if it still doesn’t work after setting Chrome as your default browser. It worked for me.

So I have just purchased the pro version today and I did not have an account before I had the pro version. So when I go onto the game I don’t have Pro and I am not able to Login or signup for an account. It keeps saying no Flight Account found on this email address I NEED HELP ASAP!!!

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