I can not email or pm anyone

Why set up a messaging system if you’re not allowed to use it. Seems a little backwards.

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You’re still a new user. You’ll be able to PM once you gain a little more experience on the forum. Continue to be active and helpful and you’ll get there :)


Hello! Unfortunately, you are a basic user, and you do not have the privilege of private messaging people. Become more active on the forum to become a member and unlock the PM ability! Is there someone in particular you are trying to contact? I can help you reach them if you would like.


Hello! Become more active on the IFC and you will be a trust level 1 soon and you can PM you currently don’t have a trust level and can’t PM yet.

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Hi there!

Unfortunately, new users are not permitted to utilize the Personal Message feature. This is to prevent spam and cyber bullying. Buy forcing a user to rank up in the TLs in order to unlock the feature, we prevent that issue.

Keep posting, liking, and commenting, and you will be TL1/2 very soon.



Why are we repeating something 4 times? :facepalm:


We all sorta added onto one another. Its just clarifying the point ;)


He there all the answers above are all correct so feel free so that you can flag it and a mod with close it. But mate I want to wish a very good day or evening and please enjoy the community. Ifc is kind of like a big family.

Question has been answered multiple times above.