I can not edit my tracking thread

hello just now I have seen that I can not edit the title of my tracking thread that I created it
Any suggestions because this happens?
Is it because I spend a lot of time without editing the theme or something like that?

Threads have a limit of the number of times it can be edited. Suggest that you make a new one and let a mod know and we can close the old one.


ok I had heard that problem before and I did not realize that I had a certain time
ok, thank you very much I will ask a mod to close the thread and create a new one
Thank you


Psst… @Othman_Asli ;)



(This is a question for anyone) Is there a limit as to how many times a particular thread can be edited?

I think the limit is 60 days, can someone confirm?

60 days is the time limit for editing since creating.
You as a user can make max 30 edits per day.


OK. Thanks for telling me. As you know, I was having issues with editing polls, but that is separate from this problem.

I have the same issue with my Feature Request. There are some things that I’d like to change, but it’s no big deal.
Thanks for asking and thanks to those who answered!

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