I can not communicate with ATC playing multiplayer

I have a problem, when I fly in multiplayer I can not communicate with atc. When I want to communicate with atc, I always leave NO FREQUENCY INFO AVAILABLE. Please help

Needs to go in support


What server were you flying?

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Just did it , good spot ! 🌞

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If you’re trying to communicate and there’s no actual controller on duty at the airport you’ll be using the Unicom system. It shows up as no frequency info available.

Edit: Depending on the server you’re using (which is good information to know) ATC may not be available. Here’s the basics: Casual server has no operating ATC but unicom is available. TS1 and expert utilize unicom and live controllers if they’re active.

Just in case, here’s some background on unicom:

Apologies if any of this is redundant or if you’re already familiar with all of this.


Thanks for your help at all, the problem was in the server it was like casual server, I switched it to TS1 and it works now.
Once again, thank you all for your cooperation.

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Happy to help out any time.

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