I can not cancel about the subscription, everything is written at the bottom

Hi, guys I wanted to tell you about the problem, I don’t want to download anything about the game, the game is excellent, but the problem is in the subscription, I bought about a subscription for 1 month, but I wanted to cancel it so that the money for the next month would not be debited, but the problem itself, I cannot disconnect it for some reason, I press " cancellation of the subscription "but it only lights up the series but the window itself does not fit and so for 3 days I don’t know, maybe it’s because of ios, but I don’t have an Apple support service in my country and I have such a problem for the first time tell me what to do ♥

How have you already tried to cancel it?

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We have replied to you via email with suggested steps to resolve the issue.

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If you haven’t tried yet you can go
Settings > your name/ Apple ID at the top of settings > Subscriptions > infinite flight > cancel subscription

yes, when you click to cancel the subscription, it just shines, but there is no window to confirm the cancellation

Yes, thanks, I tried it and it doesn’t work either. I can’t figure out why

Have you tried using iTunes as instructed?

no, it doesn’t get

I don’t quite understand. Tap the red text which means “Cancel subscription”?

It is Seb, just in russian.

yes, but the icon itself does not appear to confirm the cancellation

didn’t understand?

There shouldn’t be an icon. You should receive a popup to confirm your cancellation.

Either way, are you perhaps in a zoomed mode that might be causing this? If so, disable it. Maybe it’ll help.

It can be found under Settings -> Display and finally ”View” at the bottom.

Sebastian Schyllberg asked does “Отменить подписку” means “cancel subscription”, I affirmed 🙂

even Apple wrote to me that maybe the auto-renewal is disabled, but the checkbox is worth it and the subscription does not turn off

Wuh has already written everything well in support of Apple and everything was decided, and thank you for your feedback and for a wonderful game