I can hear another one’s voice but they can’t hear my voice

I can hear another traffic voice, but they never hear my voice…
Also i tuned out after air borne, but i can still hear unicom voice……

Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra
GiGa WiFi using
One UI 6.0
Infinite Flight - 24.1.1 (7342) - 8D08079A - samsung SM-X910

Hey there!

I’ve experienced similar issues in the past, it’s network-related. Try switching from WiFi to cellular, if available, or try a hotspot from your phone, and see if that helps. If you’re using a VPN, I’d advise disabling it, as these cause additional latency between the client and server - which isn’t something you want in a flight simulator with a live server connection.

I’ve also tried hotspots, of course! The weird thing is same network but Only S9 Ultra has that problem!! My another device Tab S7+ is working very well!!! That’s why i ask here 😊

Reinstalled but same issue… When i open WIII GTS, i can hear pilot’s requests but they can’t hear mine 🤦🏻‍♂️

That’s pretty weird…to hear uniform voice even you long logged off the frequency.
I’ve not yet encountered this issue so Alex might be right.

Most of my flights is under WI-FI, not cellular network as it’s more reliable.

It’s very much sounds like a bug tbf.
But I can’t really comment much on it as I never encountered this issue - yet!

I can imagine Device problem not network issue!!
In same Wifi or Hotspot, there’s no issues on my Tab S7+ but Tab S9 Ultra had communication issue…

Anyone….? 🥺

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Could you run Speedtest on both tablets, to see if there’s a difference in network performance?

I don’t think it’s the device, I have the same and it work perfectly fine. Try to delete (try to delete the data and after uninstall the game) and install the game or clear the cache.

That has already been tried.

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