I can buy either a Dash-8 or ERJ-195 - Which one?

I would like to have the Flybe livery hence the two options.

  • Dash-8
  • ERJ-195

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(btw please disregard my other poll i created before this)


I personaly think that the dash 8 is more worth it since it has cabin lights (and cockpit) and also a fully reworked cockpit.However the E195 dores not have a reworked cockpit and cabin lights, also lacks of liveries.


there are no lights on the cockpit at night on the ERJ? @TheNorthernAviatorz

No I’ll post a picture of the two aircrafts soon.

ok thankyou

I love the E-Jets but in IF quality there is little comparison- Dash-8

Dash-8 is awesome

Here’s the Dash 8 cockpit:

And here’s the outside:

Now here’s the Embraer 195 (Exterior and cockpit)

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the erj cockpit doesnt light up either?

and thanks

No it doesn’t

Is that even a question? Go for the prop always

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do you know if the devs are going to rework the erj’s

They are probably going to in the near future (speculation) but nothing is confirmed

guess they’re busy atm anyway with global and other the new military plane

I’d say the Dash 8, but if the ERJ Family gets a rework it’ll be improved with 4k quality and wing flex(if it had any, probably a little)

I’d prefer the b738 to be reworked first tbh. That cockpit is even worse despite it being the most used aircraft in the world.

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I dont know, it’s one of my favorite cockpit in the game with the 1st being the CCX.

Dash 8 is great, would certainly recommend!

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