I can barely see!

With the new update I can barely see the words and numbers, has this happened to anyone else?

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Try going to options>graphics>screen resolution>High

If that fails, try options>advanced>anti-aliasing>on

If that also fails hold down the home and shutter button on an apple device simultaneously until the apple logo re appears!

All I can think of for now!



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I’ve got those. Doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem.

As usual, there isn’t much we can do without a proper bug report. If you do not know what a proper bug report is, read the bug category description; if you don’t know where that is then you didn’t spend enough time getting used to this forum before posting :)

Make sure to include as much details as possible; without details we can’t investigate.

I moved to bugs so that’s my bad @philippe

Ah ok, in that case we most likely need to create a linked post in the bug category instead of simply changing the category.


Are all the passengers ok? You never told them to Buckle in to their seats!

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You can view all mods here:

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