I brought an SD card to speed up my device. What do I do?

Hi. I brought an SD card to put all of my infinite flight data in so it speeds up my phone. How do I transfer the data to it? Yes. I am very highly stupid with an IQ of DEZ NUTS. But I’m desprate right now. The moment the buildings come out it’s going to kill my phone. So I’m trying to come up with something as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about the buildings, that shouldn’t impact much when it’s ready, and this will sure not be ready soon.

If you use a iOS I don’t think you can’t do it there.

I use android

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Maybe try this thing out:

As far as I’m aware there is currently no way to transfer Infinite Flight app data to SD card on android device, at least I haven’t found a way to do so on my samsung


How do you know? Nothing has been said and no FAQ’s have come out yet. Wait and see, Jason spoke yesterday how Project Metal is coming along well in the YT Chat. Perhaps Metal might sort out all the extra rendering!

No need to get ready now, buildings will be a while? IF strives for perfection. I know everyone is looking forward to them but we just gotta keep calm and wait and see!

Hi! The whole idea of Project Metal is to enable these sorts of features to be implemented, without causing too much of a performance loss - so in essence, it shouldn’t necessarily ‘kill’ your device, however it may (or may not) require more storage, so putting it onto an SD card probably wouldn’t do any harm. Remember, an SD card has nothing to do with performance, just storage space 😁

I’m assuming this is related to your previous topic.

As I stated previously, you aren’t going to get more performance out of your device. An SD card will have literally no impact on your gaming performance, if anything it could even be slower if the cards read/ write speeds are lower than the onboard storage.

You can go elbow deep and install a custom kernel, run a different AOSP ROM and fiddle around with the bootloader settings, but you are once again at the mercy of the actual hardware of your device. It’s not like a Pc, you can’t upgrade your device. What you have us what you have. Your device might be a “business phone” as you stated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s powerful.
A business laptop isn’t going to have the same performance as a gaming laptop.

Maybe instead of buying more accessories for your current phone, perhaps try and save up some money to buy a second hand device for IF. There are plenty of 2018-2019 flagships that can be had for quite low prices, and their performance will be massively in excess of what your K51 is capable of.
Vulkan will improve performance, but only marginally. There are limits to what software is capable of if your hardware can’t keep up.

In regards to transferring the data, you should simply be able to do this by going into your storage settings, selecting the SD card and transferring it. Be warned, some apps do not support being written to external storage.


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