I broke the laws of physics!

So lately I’ve been expirimenting with last second runway changes at MIA. This was one of the results. They are out of order, so look at the seek.

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Let the pictures upload completely 😊

It said they all uploaded

@FedoraPilot One guy have already said that to wait the upload (DON’T SPAM)

Ontopic:- GoodJob!, I love doing this

There we go!😀

I know, we both posted at the same time, by the way I’m on my iPad show the texting screen is on full screen, which means I can’t see the posts while I’m texting.

It would be much easier to see with them in order :-)

This is half of yours ;)

Now I landed a SR-22 at 7kts!

Also, that 25 kt landing in resulted in a crash

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Use no weight

I did, wind 49 kts

Just landed a Cessna 172 flying backwards 5knots!!!

aha nice :)

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