I bought the one year subscription, but it does not show up

Hey everyone,

I bought the one yeah subscription and the money was taken from account. Still I cant access all the aircrafts and regions and if still says im on the monthly subscription. I logged out and back in and restarted my device. How can I fix this?

delete the app and reinstall it no once your yearly subscription is up the aircraft and regions you did not own will be locked


I deleted and reinstalled the app. no changes

The best way to help you will require some information from you that is not recommended to post here. Open a ticket in the support section at: Feedback.FlyingDevStudio.com

Include details of the device, full user name, and device make/model.
It would help to also send the receipts for the relevant subscriptions purchased.

Thank you for the answer! I sent an email. Hope this will help

I have the same issue. Purchased today, but getting an error that there is no subscribtion