I bought Regions

I bought regions and now it’s those regions are free to use… help

Could you please elaborate on your problem? Thanks!

All the regions will be available with the global package subscription. Without it, you will still have to unlock the regions I believe.

if you are trying to get your money back for regions you purchased previously i don’t think its gonna happen but with the global pro subscription u can fly to endless destinations all over the world for the fee u payed initially

I’m pretty sure that the regions I purchased for 6.99 CAD are now free. I wasted 6.99. I’m planning on getting global but it’s still very annoying

Yeah…No. Definitely not for free.


When your global sub expires you can use those regions you previously bought, so they aren’t wasted

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I think he means that the regions that he previously bought is free now(Denver as an example). What can he do

All I can say is tough luck, buy a global sub and move on

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A lot of people have had to deal with situations like this, you’re not the first nor the last.
You’re just going to have to suck it up I’m afraid

Feel free to PM me with any questions!