I bought infinite flight pro on a guest account,how can i get back to my main while keeping pro?

I have bought infinite pro on a guest account and i got it to grade 2 but i want my main account back which is grade 3 and is connected to the discord while keeping pro,can someone help?

This is my 2nd month using that account and i cant find a solution,i can’t connect to the discord since my main already is nor can i sign into my IFC account for some reason and i really want ro get back to my main as it will make my infinite flight experience so much better!

Please can someone figure a solution for me?


If you contact the moderators via email, they should be able to help. support@infiniteflight.com, I believe.

If you go to discord, go to your settings and then authorized apps and remove Infinite Flight. You can then connect the guest account to discord if thats what you want to do.

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I would contact seb or email support@infiniteflight.com regarding your request.

As for your discord issue, I would disconnect, and reconnect your discord account.

Cheers mate, have a good one.

Write to #support

Can’t you just login into your grade 3 account?

If he would, He wouldn’t make this topic nor a second account. It seems to me he lost his old account and wants to log back in.

Thanks ofr the help!