I bought infinite flight but I can't play it

I downloaded test flight and everything was working just fine. A couple days later when I went clicked the app, it said that this version was out of date, and that I needed to go and reinstall the original version on Infinite flight. So I went onto the app store, but it said I haven’t bought the game, the price was still there. I ended up deleting the game in all, just so I could re-download it after, but as I went onto the app store, I didn’t have access to the game because it said I had to pay for it. Please help me.

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Check the Apple ID that you are signed into. Make sure that it is the same one that you purchased infinite flight on. If not, change the Apple ID in the App Store settings, and then check again

Not sure why you are using TestFlight because we are not in a beta version.

Did you buy the app from TestFlight?

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Im not sure, but didn’t they say in terms of use that it is not possible to buy a subscription along with the beta version using testflight? You must have had a subscription beforehand…

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No, I used test flight to get access to the 3D buildings and clouds. I had the game before that. I did just realize though that I was just on the wrong Apple ID. I bought the game with a different Apple ID, and then changed it awhile later. All I have to do is switch back to my other Apple ID that I was on and then re-download the game. Plus I have infinite flight on another device as well. Thanks for the help though!

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That was the case. Thanks for the help!!